Ladakh located in Trans Himalayan region of India, is one of the most spectacular region of India.Tour to Ladakh is dream come true for every adventure buffs as it provides scope for trekking, river-rafting, mountaineering etc.
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 Arid Hillside Himalayas Lad Tucked in a remote corner of Jammu and Kashmir lies the Land of Passes- Ladakh. Ladakh has been known by many name as, Maryul, Moon land, Broken Moon and Last-Shangri-la. As the name suggest it was inaccessible, isolated land tucked amid high mountains.

Remote though it is, Ladakh has never been totally isolated. Over the centuries the trade route from India to central Asia passed through this area undeterred by its high passes and desert landscape. Caravans

carrying spices, brocades, pearls, carpets and more mundane merchandise like salt and tea took just two months to cover the distance from Amritsar in the Punjab to the central Asian towns of Varkand and Khotan!

Buddhism & Monasteries In Ladakh
According to the popular belief Ashoka's, missionaries came to Ladakh and propagated Buddhism in about 3rd century B.C and by the first century A.D. Buddhism took firm roots in Ladakh with Kanishka sending five hundred Buddhist missionaries for propagation of the faith in Tibet and Ladakh1. Fa-hien, the Chinese pilgrim mentioned the flourishing condition of Buddhism prevailed in Ladakh.

However, Mahayana was also introduced later on. Ladakh has gathered within its small highly cultured area a remarkable collection of different art styles. Wide spread traces of cultural impacts of Tibetan Buddhism and art forms of tenth and eleventh centuries A.D have been found throughout Ladakh as it is deeply penetrated into the socio-religious fiber and life style of the people.

Wildlife of Ladakh
The high mountain valleys, extending up to the snow line are the habitat of Ladakh's unique wildlife. The better known animals are the Kyang - wild Horse, the great Sheep , the Ibex and the Markhor Goats. And of course the prized Tibetan Antelope, which is hunted for its superfine Shahtoosh Wool. These animals are rare and facing extinction at the hands of poachers and hunters. Urgent steps are required for their protection.

Adventure Activities in Ladakh

Trekking In Ladakh

When Ladakh was first thrown open to tourism an average itinerary encompassed visits to Leh and its environs with some treks into nearb valleys. The most popular of these were the 8-day Markha valley trek, the 11-day Lamayuru-Padum route and the Stok Khangri round trek. Now with growing interest in adventure tourism the focus has shifted to the mysterious valleys of Suru and Zanskar with their spectacular scenery.

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Motorbike Safari In Ladakh

Motor bike safari is the best option for you, just like jeep safari to explore the Himalayan regions of India. You can even take your bike to those areas, where even a jeep cannot reach. Because bikes are light in weight and quite flexible as far as altitude is concerned, you won't find any problem in driving through the cold desert region of Ladakh, Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur. They also make up a good option for sightseeing too, when you are passing by a toen or a small village

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Jeep Safari in Ladakh
Jeep safari at the high altitude lake of India is another new attraction that has recently come up in this adventure activity. The drive takes round about four hours to Changla Pass. At the first sight of the lake through the 'V' of the ridges of the valley all cameras, digital videos etc. came tumbling out. The azure lake beautifully set off the golden yellow of the mountainside, painted thus by the mellow rays of the evening sun, on a canvas of crisp blue sky. Considered to be the most arduous and at the same time exhilarating is the cross country jeep drive to the Pong valley.
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Mountaineering in Ladakh
The Suru and Zanskar valleys provide some of the more spectacular and difficult climbing in Ladakh. The Nun Kun Massif is one of the most frequent climbing areas of the region and is booked out for months ahead, sometimes years, by climbing expeditions. The approach to the twin peaks is from the Kargil-Padum Road, about 70-km south of Kargil. The main approach is either from Tangole or Gulmadong. Some expeditions have also approached from Parkutse along the Kangri Glacier. To reach the base camp for Kun it is for the climbers necessary to cross the Suru River.
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